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Life and Soft offers scientific computing services in life sciences.
Our customers range from pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to diagnostic companies and research laboratories.
Our ambition is to become your privileged partner for bioinformatics.

Data Analysis

Custom analysis of your data with clear and insightful reporting.

Project Management

End-to-end management of your scientifics projects: from design to interpretation.


Training on tools and methods, tailored to your needs.

Custom developments

Innovative solutions using your environment or based on Life and Soft technology stack.

Systems administration

Hardware and software maintenance of high performance computing environments.

Remote services

All our services can be provided on-site or remotely. Experience on major cloud providers.

Giving value to your sequencing data,
Finding the needle in the haystack,
For your bioinformatics needs, Life and Soft will propose a solution.

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Our Solutions

Life and Soft has built on its experience with data analysis workflows and reporting interfaces
to release packaged solutions in the scope of Next Generation Sequencing.

Onco LifePipe®

A cancer dedicated pipeline for detection of somatic mutations and clonal dynamic analysis. Onco LifePipe® is a comprehensive and fast pipeline based on state of the art algorithms which provide full detection and annotation of variants.

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A full-featured sequencing management system for microbiome samples exploration. Nanobiome® is an application that provides specific microorganisms quantification for diagnosis and research, all accessible on a web interface with a secured account to run and follow your analysis.

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An automated and quick web application for virus variant detection. Gather all your analyses and explore complete results ranging from quality features of the samples to details of each variants. Designed and used daily for SARS-COV-2, Nanoware® is now adapted to multiple viruses.

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We provide sequencing services on Illumina and Nanopore technologies for a wide range of applications.

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Our Research and Development achievements

Life and Soft multidisciplinary team offers a strong expertise in various research domains.

Single cell RNAseq

We have developed full single cell RNAseq solution, to help scientist interpret their data. Our solution includes robust bioinformatic pipeline to compute expression matric from sequencing raw data. A second biostatistics part has been designed to answer several biological problematics from the complete description of a cell population to the comparison of samples. Our solution uses state-of-art tools and methodologies as well as in-house algorithms to give a full report of your experiments.

In-Silico fastq generation

One critical point in bioinformatics is the validation of pipeline composed of a succession of different tools. Most of the published algorithms have been developed based on a specific dataset and should be adapted to the current produced data. Bioinformatics workflow can be validated with the sequencing of characterized samples (like mock), but because of the variability induced by the experimental procedures, this can not be used as a unique validation. The use of in silico data copies sequencing data but are completely controlled. This can be used to validate and configure a bioinformatics pipeline without the experimental induced variability.

16S sequencing data analysis

Microbiome can be studied with several technologies. One of the most culture-free used method is the sequencing of the 16S ribosomal RNA gene by NGS. 16S rRNA gene is approximately 1,500 bp long and contains nine variable regions interspersed between conserved regions. This variable regions can be used in phylogenetic and taxonomic classifications. Life and Soft have developed a powerful tool that can be used to analyze 16S sequencing data and report several metrics useful for metagenomics analysis like the OTUs assignation and computation of samples diversity.

Long range sequencing with Nanopore®

Nanopore MinION® is an innovating technology that offers promises for the future of sequencing. It allows the sequencing of native DNA after PCR-free library creation. We have invested in this technology for our new laboratory activity and performed different proof-of-concepts to validate the approaches on mock metagenomics samples. Dedicated workflows have been developed by our team: algorithms and published tools have been tested and validated to construct the best workflow. We propose to guide you for full POC from the sequencing with MinION® to the analysis of the results for your different problematics.


Life and Soft has established strong partnerships with technologies leaders to provide our customers with best-in-class solutions.
We offer consulting services on Knime and Pipeline Pilot workflow development tools.


Flexible Deployment Options

SaaS offer or on-premise installation : You decide.

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Next Generation Sequencing Expertise

We offer a whole range of analyzes to get maximum value from nucleic sequences obtained by NGS technologies.


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Whole Genome Sequencing
Whole Exome Sequencing
Targeted Genes Panel


Help you choose sample control, determine sample numbers, sequencing parameters for your purpose.


Personalized analysis workflows and statistics.
Data visualisation and analysis reporting.

Latest News


Press Release

August , 2020

Life & Soft and CEA combine their expertise to develop innovative analysis solutions and meet personalized health care needs.

In this context, the IDMIT (Diseases Models for Innovative Therapies) department of the François Jacob Institute of Biology at CEA (CEA-Jacob) welcomes the Life & Soft sequencing laboratory at its premises on the Fontenay-aux-Roses site. This collaboration agreement was signed in April 2020 for a period of three years. Read more...


Manage your Nanopore analysis with NanoWare

June , 2020

Automate your Nanopore sequencing runs and manage your analysis reports with Life and Soft NanoWare.
This first release is dedicated to SARS-COV-2 genotyping and epidemiological analysis.
Enjoy London Calling 2020 !


Life and Soft joins the fight against COVID-19

April , 2020

In the context of the COVID-19 health crisis, Life and Soft has joined the global effort and is mobilizing to find innovative solutions against the pandemic. Life & Soft is working on alternative COVID-19 screening methods and epidemiological studies using sequencing data. As of now, we are using our Nanopore® GridION sequencer and our bioinformatics expertise to participate in the fight against the virus!

9èmes Assises de Génétique Humaine et Médicale

9th Assises de Génétique Humaine et Médicale

January , 2018

Life & Soft will participate to the Assises de Génétique Humaine et Médicale in Nantes, from January 24th to 26th. Our team will be present at booth #41 and at the poster area for a presentation of our work on quantification of micro-organisms from WGS data. Please contact us to plan a meeting during the event.

Innov'inMED 2017

SFG Congress, 2017

November , 2017

Life and Soft is a partner of the 2017 congress of the French Society of Genetics, this year focusing on CRISPR. Come and meet us at the Faculty of Sciences of Montpellier, from November 16th to 18th, to get a glimpse of the latest advances for our CRISPR design tool: CRISPR LifePipe.


Innov'inMED 2017

October , 2017

As part of our partnership with the On[e]Life bio-accelerator, we will be present at the Innov'InMED forum on October 26 and 27, in Marseille. Life and Soft will participate in the symposium "The Promises of Digital Technologies for Life and Health Sciences". We are waiting for you to discuss the place of bioinformatics in precision medicine.


ESHG 2017

May , 2017

Life and Soft will be attending the next European Society of Human Genetics conference, May 27-30, Copenhagen. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the latest advances in our range of LifePipe® products, which focus on the exploitation of NGS data and nucleotide sequence design for CRISPR experiments.

How to make I.T. easier and Open for Innovation ?

Oct , 2016

Life and Soft built a consulting partnership with KNIME after a training in Zurich last month. Life&Soft is KNIME first Life Sciences Partner in France. We now provide a wider offer to our customers from Next Generation Sequencing workflows to cheminformatics solutions based on open source technologies.

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