The Microbiomics Era

In the past years, the better understanding of Microbiome and how it interacts with its environment has led to major breakthroughs with a broad field of applications in human health, agronomy and cosmetics.

As sequencing technologies go cheaper and technical bottlenecks are unraveled, Microbiome analyses are now going beyond research and entering an industrial phase.

Laboratories and industries who want to scale up their Microbiome analysis capabilities will need reliable and integrated solutions in order to save scientific staff the burden of repetitive tasks in managing their data, while allowing fine analysis of their samples.

This is where Nanobiome® will help.

Integraded and Scalable

Nanobiome service-based architecture allow entreprise-grade configuration for a seamless integration with your lab's devices.

Whether you are running a single sequencing device with few samples a day, or handling large sample batches using various technologies, Nanobiome® will adapt and scale accordingly to take advantage of your computing infrastructure.

In no time, declare a sequencing project with users and groups permissions. Define automatic analyses or run them on demand to allow fine tuning of parameters.

All with secured access.

Pick-up your workflow based on your requirements...

ShotGun UltraFast

Do you want to gain an overview of your metagenomic sample in a few minutes?

With a Kmers method alignment, this Workflow provides an ultrafast yet complete detection of microorganisms from low dataset input.

[Nanopore Long Reads]
Shotgun Quick-align

Do you need a precise description of your metagenomic sample based on sequence alignment ?

This worklfow will provide fast, yet comprehensive distributions of detected microorganisms at species level from low dataset input.

[Nanopore Long Reads]
ShotGun High Accuracy

Do you need a comprehensive caracterization of the composition of your sample?

Based on extensive reference datasets and large data input, the High Accuracy workflow will ensure the full and precise detection of microorganisms, to go further in genome's characterization.

[Nanopore Long Reads]
16S Metabarcoding

Your sequencing design takes into account specific regions?

This workflow runs analyses for targeted amplicon sequencing to describe the microbiome composition and diversity of your samples at the genus level.

[Illumina Paired-End]

Analysis Engine

Whether you are working on long-reads or paired-end data, doing whole genome shotgun sequencing or specifically targeting 16S, Nanobiome® analysis engine automatically matches your sequencing technology with available analysis protocols.

Nanobiome® is embedded with analysis workflows which are thoroughly curated by our team of experts. Those workflow are exploiting state-of-the-art algorithms provided by the community, as well as in-house developments.

With little efforts, it is also possible to integrate your own analysis protocol thanks to our standardized template. Life and Soft will be happy to walk you through this on request.

Explore Nanobiome's potential of action

From managing runs to analysing metrics and comparing samples,
Nanobiome's interface was created to be complete and effective:

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